Sex Business – Special Wishes

“Please find her picture and video here”

Besides just having sex with men she gets a lot of tips for shows and special wishes of our guests. This can go from harmless stuff like showing her pussy to a guy to jerk off or giving him her panties to smell or as fas as extreme BDSM stuff. But all those extras are important as they make guests return to her and make them pay more.

I hope you can understand now why a working girl like my wife needs a large network of friends who she can satisfy sexually and still can do the sex tourists of our hotel. A hard working sex worker can satisfy a very large number of men and so she needs to constantly look for new clients. As long she is young, beautiful, sexy and willing to do every perverted stuff men want her to do she is a true cash cow.

Everyday she is earning bundles of cash money which she is locking in our hotel safe. She loves all the cash her clients gave her to fulfil their nasty wishes. The money turns her on and makes her feel like a queen. In this way her beauty definitely pays off. But if you are in that business never forget rule number 2 and rule number 3 or you will end up doomed sooner or later.

Additionally try to understand that in Pattaya there are many women like my wife who are hard working hookers. Some live here as she does, but some just visit Pattaya for a few days or weeks and try to make as much money as possible. This is creating a tremendous supply of sex to this city and this is providing the ground for men where they can find cheap prices and prostitutes who are willing to fulfil their needs. The demand for such women is huge, which you can see on the large number of sex travellers who are coming to Pattaya every year.

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