Sex Business – How many Men

“Please find her picture and video here”

But what does it mean to work hard. How many clients does a working girl need to serve in order to get rich. The answer is simple as many men she can serve. As the rule is here more men more income. That is also why my wife is constantly looking for a men who is interested in her services. Because on a good day she would be able to suck off 20 men and make a hell of money out of it. But not every day is a good day and on some days she might only end up with 2 or 3 men.

Giving blowjobs is something my wife can do all day and there is hardly a limit on how many blow jobs she can give. The natural limit is the number of clients who visit our bar. This is different if we talk about sex. This can be vaginal or anal sex. My wife does both and therefore attracts more men. On a good day she can have sex with about 10-12 men. But this would include that she organised a gang bangs that day, as when she does several men at the same time it is easier for her.

However when I say on a good day she can make 10-12 men, that doesn’t mean that she could do them on average. She would be too exhausted and couldn’t enjoy it anymore. On average she might make about 3-4 men a day. However this she can do and still enjoy her job. This performance was also not possible from the beginning. It needed some time to train her as LBFM who can take so many men a day.


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