Sex Business – The 3 keys for a prostitute to be successful

“Please find her picture and video here”

So the business life of a prostitute is a little bit comparable with a soccer player. He can earn most of the money in his twenties. Once he gets older then 30 he will stagnate and sooner or later earn less. So if he didn’t made enough money in his twenties and invested it wisely, he will be out of business sooner or later and has to look for another job.

The keys for a prostitute to be successful are therefore:

  1. Work hard in your twenties to make the most possible amount of money
  2. Don’t spend your money, but save it. Because if you spend your money it is gone and won’t make you rich anymore.
  3. Invest your money wisely so sooner are later you can generate a financial income out of your investment. That means that you get paid without work. This is not a fancy or nice to have thing, because sooner or later you will be out of business and then you need your income from your investments.

Similar then with many professions that depend on their body, they can’t work forever. Also construction worker retire earlier then office staff, because their body can’t handle the hard work anymore. The worst situation for them is if they haven’t saved enough money to develop passive income. Then they have to work longer and therefore ruin their bodies more.

The point I want to make is that you have to be smart in this world in order to have a good life and therefore you have to find a good way to make money. Prostitution is paid well, but you don’t want to be like those people you see on TV who are presented as a negative example. Who complain that their pimp took all the money and now they hate what they are doing but don’t have a chance. This would be a bad situation also for a construction worker. Hating your job is never good, but if your body is involved in your job it is even harder. So be smart and consider the 3 keys!

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