Fat Man in Asia – About myself

“Pla is one of my favourite LBFM. Click here to watch her.”

I arrived at Pattaya as a sick man, not as you might think as a sexual sick man, but as a deeply hurt man. As I describe my life and the the reasons why I went to Pattaya in my series Fat Man in Asia, I don’t want to repeat my story here. Only so much I would like to say to help you to understand my situation.  I was suffering from a heavy depressions and coincidently found out that sex could heal my depressions. It seemed to me nothing besides sex could motivate me to go out and experience these world. Nothing less than watching women dancing in bars or paying them to have sex.

Hereby I developed my first passion, to record the sex I had with those women. It absolutely enlighten me to watch my self-made porn movies where I could see myself fucking all those gorgeous chicks.

I met Fred who worked in the fashion business and who earned some extra money by conveying models to clients for sex. Many of those models he worked with worked as prostitute to earn extra cash. Fred himself was gay and it gave him great pleasure to sell out the beauties he met at his job to his friends and customers.

This was also how I met my girlfriend – Vanta. I met her together with Fred and then paid her for sex. I fell in love with her and through circumstances that I descried in my series Fat Man in Asia, Vanta finally moved into my apartment. Now I could have sex with her whenever I wanted it, however Vanta still requested her sexual freedom. So she still worked as hooker and went out to bars and discotheques to meet with other men who paid her for sex. I loved Vanta and just wanted the best for her and accepted her profession. Even more I helped her to find clients among my friends.

First I thought it was easier and safer for her to fuck with my friends as otherwise she would have to deal with total strangers who might be violent. Later I experienced how much fun it was to share my girlfriend among my friends. Most of the men I met in Pattaya were looking for women they could buy sex from and so it was kind of win-win-win situation for Vanta, me and my friends.

Fanta could work rom home, which meant that she could use the studio apartment I was living in as a workplace. I could meet friends and my friends could have sex. Even it may sound now as we might have planned it that way as it might be so obvious as all three parties would profit from this kind of relationship, it was a mixture of coincident and the passion of my friend William who turned my studio apartment into a well established blow job bar. Vanta was happy as she always dreamed to have her own bar, William loved it as he could have free sex with Vanta and many other women he brought into the bar and I liked it as Vanta loved it and as I was surrounded by sex all the time which helped me to cure my depression.

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