Once a Woman is Open for Business my Friends are Ready

Having a great network is fantastic. Indeed we have now friends all over the world as we met many sex travellers and Vanta also keeps contact with some of them. But as by far most of our friends are in Pattaya it is very easy for us to move to new apartments and continue business due to our network. That is also why we don’t want to open a public bar. As we then wouldn’t be flexible anymore. We would have a lot of responsibility with that bar and couldn’t just  close it and go for travel.

Another advantage of Vanta’s network is that shy ladies can work secretly. In Pattaya and all over Thailand many married women work as prostitute and want to keep their work secrete. This can have many reasons. First of course their husband shouldn’t know it as he might not be in favour of it. He might not like that his wife has sex with so many men or he might ask her to share the money his wife earned.

So many wives don’t want their husband to know what they are doing. Then they also don’t want their parents to know that their girl is a bad one and if they have children they should not know that their mother is a bitch. However with a good network that is not a problem. Vanta can arrange the meetings and the families of the lady will never find out what happened.

Then my friends and I will have sex with that woman and will do all the things with her that makes us happy. Some of my friends would only fuck her once and some more often. Some would do their favourite sex games with her or some naught, dirty or perverse numbers and some would only have normal sex. Just as my friends like it.

Most women are fine with being filmed as I won’t publish my porn videos. A few insist on wearing a mask when we film them fucking, but most of the ladies are fine to show their face. My friends love to fuck whore wives and they don’t care if her husband knows about it. Indeed many of them might prefer that his wife is cheating on him and might even get more excited by that.

Actually, I help many of the new ladies to create small advertising video where they can introduce them selves. The most popular introduction videos are those where the woman shows pictures of her family. My friends like to see the husband and the children of her and how they live. They are always fascinated by her private picture and get more excited to meet her.

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