For me sex is like sport and my wife plays tennis with many different men

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Generally speaking I regard sex like a sport. The best sport in the world. So when a friend or a guest visits us and sees my wife and wants to have sex with her, I regard it as his wish to do sports with her.

Like he would ask to play tennis with her. So why shouldn’t they? Either I watch them playing tennis in our apartment or they go and play tennis in his room. After they are done playing, my wife waits for the next man who wants to play tennis with her. In this way my wife plays several matches a day and is getting pretty good in it.

Some man come alone and some bring their friends. Then 2,3 or more men play tennis with my wife. After the match is over, they take a shower and leave. Most of the time my wife is winning. She became a very good tennis player. So good that she even could become a professional tennis player. She earns her money by playing with other men who pay her for that.

I am a big tennis fan too. I love to play it and I love to watch it. Everybody knows that I am a tennis fan and most of my friends love tennis as well. I also play this sport with other women besides my wife, but I have to admit that she plays much more. So I am proud that my wife is such a great tennis player. She is doing a lot to stay fit.

I know other couples only play tennis with each other. But we think that is boring and my wife would need to work in another job that would be not so well payed. Also we know that even many couples tell themselves that they only play tennis with each other, often they are still looking for another tennis partner.

We think it makes more sense to be open here and play as much tennis as possible. If you also love tennis as much I do and have a wife that loves it too, then why shouldn’t you consider to let her become a professional tennis player.

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