Some of my friends do it with Vanta and some prefer her girlfriends

Japanese sex tourist unloads milky white semen into a Thai teen’s pussy

Once one of my friends hasn’t visited us for a while Vanta would call him and invite him for a beer. He would come, we would have some beers and talk. Sooner or later we would end up in front of the TV and watch porn movies. Normally my friends are always interested to see the latest movies I created. We would talk about sex and they would tell me what their recent phantasies are. Then my wife would be there for them.

Either she would realise their phantasies with them personally or she would ask one of her female friends to do it. Some of my friends book Vanta all the time and they also developed a deep relationship with her. However most men, simply like to have different women all the time. It is simply in our nature that men want to jump from pussy to pussy. Very often fucking the same pussy more often is getting boring. So they like new fresh meat.

Vanta of course knows that and this is where her female friends come into the picture. This also includes women who just decided to be open for sex business. My wife knows my friends well and sexually she knows them even better then I do. I mean she fucked them all. Some of them more often and some of them only once. Nevertheless she pretty much knows how they look naked , how their dicks taste, how they fuck and a lot more.

So my wife knows who’s of my friends is interested in a lady and can easily arrange them to come. Therefore once a lady prostitutes herself or an already working hooker wants to make money fast, Vanta can arrange hundreds of meetings for them.

Vanta’s networking has a lot of advantages for us. Besides meeting all our friends regularly, we are getting more flexible on the location. We also do have a lot of contacts with sex tourists through our private blow job bar. However we have to close down this bar from time to time. There are several reasons why we had to close down the bar. Sometimes our business attracted too much attention and this can lead to problems with authorities. Sometimes we also just want to make a break or want to travel to another city or country.

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