Vanta is like my Sexretary

Pretty Asian girl lets older Japan man fuck her raw and cum inside her

It happens all the time. A Thai woman wants to make more money. She doesn’t earn enough in her regular job, she got bored staying at home as a wife or she simply wants to make a hell of money. There are plenty of reason why a woman is opening herself for sex business. In Pattaya there are also plenty of possibilities how she can sell sex. Starting with freelancer bars to Gogo Bars, the city is simply made to trade sex between men and women.

If the lady is shy and doesn’t want to work in public as prostitute, or if she wants to make a lot of money in a short time, she might contact Vanta and me. We have many friends and my wife is managing our contacts very well. Indeed she is the one who is storing the contact details of each of my friends and she is also the one who regularly contacts them to meet me.

She is like a secretary who is managing my relationships. She knows which friends hasn’t been visiting me for a while and she will then automatically contact him and invite him to come again. Vanta also calls my friends frequently and knows exactly who are the people my friends know. She is very good in networking and spends a lot of time with it every day.

The reason for that is simple. As my wife is a prostitute she specialised working for my friends. At least she prefers working for my friends. She does a lot of other staff as well, but working for my friends has the big advantage that we together can develop and maintain plenty of friendships and this is making both of us very happy. Additionally she can go for her job, make some money and my friends can have their fun too.

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