Our Guests are Kings

“Oy has a gorgeous body and is absolute submissive to her client.”

My wife takes great care our guests. It is no coincidence that we have so many friends. Of course sex plays a major role in that. But why not? It is natural that every man has his sexual desires and why shouldn’t he let us know about them. Even everything starts with watching porn movie and a blow job, many men come back to request more.

It is their dark side that brings them to us and make them talk openly about it. Sometimes they just say that they would like to bondage Vanta or they saw it in one of her movies, but sooner or later their wishes appear on their lips like wood is floating on water. So they openly tell us that they would like to gang bang her, bandage her to the bed and fuck her while I film everything or piss on her before they fuck her in our bath room.

It can get a bit nasty then, but still my wife is fine with that as she can make great business. Also because most men only want to fuck her a couple of times. They want variety and so they soon are looking for the next pussy. So in order to make men come back, she has to offer some variety of her self.

Our guests appreciate it if I bondage Vanta to our bed, so they can party with her. They like those special events as it makes their lives more exciting and so they get a more intimate relationship with her. They gang bang her to try to insult her, only to be surprised that she handles all of them without difficulties.

Many of those men became our friends and they think about Vanta as their girlfriend who can give them what no other woman could give them before. A dream girl that can fulfil their dreams. They no longer need to be desperate about their sexual phantasies. If they jerk off at home and see something they want to try, they just have to visit us and talk about it. Vanta and I will happily listen to them.

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