What is Sexual Intelligence?

“Puy is a good girl. Click here!”

Our planet is actually full of sex and it needs intelligence to deal with it. This is the explanation in one sentence, however I would like to explain this topic further. For most people sex is just intercourse or to say it in my words fucking. So pushing your dick inside and outside a pussy. While this is clearly sex, it is only one form of sex.

Many people misunderstand this and then end up frustrated that they only have a few minutes sex every couple of days. What a sad life. So be smart or intelligent and use the whole aspect os sex provides. This starts for women already by dressing sexy so the men can steer at there legs, stockings, asses, belly button or anything else men like to steer at.

A bit more advanced is masturbation and while in former times it was told not to it we now understand how important it is. Most people have most of their sex life masturbating and it is now proven that you can have the deepest orgasms by masturbating. Also you can be smart and train yourself from a quick masturbator to a marathon masturbator who can last for hours.

Next comes all kind of touching with e.g. starts with a normal massage and ends with a happy ending. A form of sex that takes a lot longer then just fucking, usual an hour or so. In Pattaya it is also popular to go to a go-go bar and touch a sexy bar girl wherever you like to do that and to get touched by her, usually there where your real brain is. At least my brain is swinging between my legs.

Of course there are hundreds, thousands or probably millions other forms of sex existing and this is what sexual intelligence makes a difference in. How many ways do you know to have sex and do you know how to get the best out of them.

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