I said “shut up” and pushed my penis inside her mouth

“Please find her picture and video here”

I really like to masturbate and so I was rock hard. Nobody could hurt me like this. So I went up and told her to go on with the dildo. Then I climbed over her on the couch. I wanted to fuck her dirty mouth, while she was using the dildo for her pussy.

Her body was between my legs, her pussy and dildo behind me and my dick directly in front of her mouth. If I would have sat down on her like this, I would have killed her. I am many times heavier than her. But I just said, “Shut up” and pushed my penis inside her moth. Then I fucked her beautiful young face like a dirty shithole.

“That’s what I pay you for, bitch.” I couldn’t see her face anywhere as my fat belly was covering it. But I felt that she was sucking my penis. So I stopped fucking her face and let her give her service to my dick. I also felt her arm moving under my butt. She was still using the dildo. ”Good girl,” I called her as she was sucking my dick well. “Now, I am on fire” I told her. Surprisingly, now her theory made perfectly sense to me. No I was on fire and I needed her water. So I softly told her that I need her water. She just kept sucking as before, but we both relaxed.

Later I ordered her to get a condom and put it on my dick and ride me at the couch. She followed like a little girl. I was not nice anymore. I was direct and demanding. She was following and this time her pussy was wet and wide enough. I was fucking her in missionary and doggy style. She was loudly moaning and I liked it. Once I was done, I simply took the condom off and went to bed. No shower, I just enjoyed the feeling of emptiness. I expected her to go home after I treated her like that. But after she took a shower, she went under the blanket and lay next to me. She even held me.

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