She called me Fat Man

“Please find her picture and video here”

We started a conversation after I showered and I also kept asking how she felt during sex. I thought she liked it. Still, I was surprised by her answer. She said, “Yes of course, I liked it. You made me really horny, Fat Man.” I was confused. First, she called me Fat Man, which was actually impolite. Of course I am fat.

Also in the Western world, I am considered fat, so in Asia, it is even more obvious. However, she said it in a nice way and she said she liked what I did to her pussy. That made me feel better. Such an old and fat guy like me is eager to hear that he made an 18year young beauty horny.

But was it special for her? I asked her if she also enjoyed sex with other men. She smiled and said “Of course, I do. Not always, but most of the time.” So I was not special, but at least good as well. But still I kept on asking why she likes to get fucked by an old Joe like me? She laughed and got shy. I didn’t expect this.

Then she honestly said, “Because of the money.” I was smiling together with her. But still I was not satisfied. So I asked what she likes about getting fucked by an old fat guy like me. I rephrased the question, but at the end, I got the same responses. She didn’t understand my doubts and said that’s nice to be adored. That she gets excited when I touch her or eat her pussy. Then we both had to laugh like little kids.

“So, it doesn’t matter who fucks you, it is fun for you?” I asked again in a more gentle way. She agreed with her head and again I sensed that she didn’t understood, how it could be fun. As she noticed that her answer didn’t satisfy me, she went on and explained that men are fire and women are water. So the man gets hot and the woman has to take care his fire. The man can release energy and the woman can receive the energy. I had to smile. What nonsense.

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