Why is it difficult for many Bar Girls to marry (2/2)

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So for her new partner or husband working as bar girl is seen as very bad and he might even be proud to have stopped her. But for her friends and family it would be the best if she would go back and work as prostitute again. This is hard reality as a bar girl simply can earn a lot of money and so pressure is developing why she is not doing it.

Now everything depends on her, the former bar girl who wants to have a partner and husband and support her family. Now their are men who pay their loved one more to make her stop working as hooker. But this is often not working as she still can make more money if she still works as bar girl. So she gets the money from her husband and from her job as bar girl. So even it was meant well from her partner to pay her the money for her family, it is not helping.

Where business can be done it, it often is done. His girlfriend or wife might work as prostitute behind his back. If he will find it out the marriage will end and the phrase will be said that you can get a girl out of a bar but not the bar out of the girl.

You might think that the bar girl should be happy to get the chance to become a married wife and most likely she is. But reality is stronger and the large majority of people on this plant is not monogamy and they need more money then they have. This should mean there is always a market for a bar girl and as most people she might need money.

You are right when you think that the job as a bar girl is very hard, however you are wrong when you think that might stop her. Maybe the first months were hard to work as prostitute, but after several years it got much easier. They got used to it and don’t mind anymore.

So ideally they need a partner who doesn’t mind her profession and can live with it, at least for a while.

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