She closed her eyes and let me fuck her

“Please find her picture and video here”

I had to use a condom, which sucked, but I had to undress myself anyway. So things cooled down till I was back. While wearing a condom, I pushed my penis inside her. She was still wet and it was much better than the other night. She seemed to be tired already, as she just closed her eyes and let me fuck her.

I quickly lost control and just pushed her harder and harder. Her young small pussy sucked my dick in a demanding way. She wanted to have my juice and my dick wanted to give her what she asked him.

Still, I could resist coming. I wanted doggy and commanded Vanta to change her position. She complied quickly. Then I slammed her from behind. I lost control quickly when my dick went into her pussy again. I just pushed faster and harder. Finally, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I felt frustrated that I came so early again.

Even though it was longer than the last time, but I still wanted more. William shot in her mouth, I remembered that. In my last attempt to control my dick, I pulled him out of Vanta’s vagina and quickly took off the condom. It was almost too late. I didn’t want to shoot at her pussy. I lifted my dick a bit and shot in the air. The load landed on different parts of her back. My balls had a lot of load.

After I was coming, I felt tired and it took a while until I went to shower. Vanta went immediately to clean her back. After I released, I started to worry if Vanta was upset about me shooting my stuff on her back. But once she returned from the shower, she gave me a smile that made it clear that everything was all right.

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