You will use these pictures for Masturbation

“Please find her picture and video here”

She looked like a young shy girl when she entered the room. For a second, I thought I could forget to make pictures with her. We quickly came to this topic. She was telling me that Fred said something about photo shooting. I was still shy and simply said “Yes, that would be nice”.

Then she smiled and asked what I would do with them? I became red. I would use them to jerk off, would be the honest answer. To remember the time with you was less honest, but still true. So I choose this answer. She laughed at me and directly went to the point. “You masturbate!” Well as she went directly to the point, I could easily agree.

She asked for 100US$ for both the private pictures and the night. Since then time flew. I shot her next to the bed, wearing a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans short. The trend of the year – shorts. On her feet, she just had on simple white sandals. So still a very simple look, but with her great 18 year old body and beautiful face and hair, she looked awesome. I made some pictures with her on the bed. One was doggy style kneeling. Watching her like that made me horny already. Then she slowly let go of her short, so I could make pictures with her wearing underwear. She wore simple knickers – pink and grey. She made some poses on the bed and I made as many pictures as I could do, but didn’t care about details anymore.

I was already too horny and hard. When she knelt down doggy style again, I removed her underwear, so I could shoot her pussy. She didn’t hesitate. But this was as far I could get this time. I started to kiss her pussy. After some time, she turned around, I shot her once more, spreading her legs, but after that, I went on licking her. I was not interested in pictures anymore. Eating her pussy was so much fun. After many minutes of kissing, licking and eating it, she didn’t show the initial reaction anymore. I guess she already had an orgasm. Not very loud, but she became very wet for a while. Probably she cooled out a bit. It’s time to fuck her. She can suck me later.

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