My towel had a big bump

“Please find her picture and video here”

Maggy massaged my legs and as I watched her, I got hard. I realized it was already too late. The towel I was wearing, showed a big bump. There was no way to hide that erection. It must have been clear to her that he was hard. Maggy continued as nothing happened. She massaged my left crib.

Then she went to the right leg and started massaging the calf. I cooled down a little bit. The calf was not so sexually sensitive like the crib. I started to relax and my thoughts went to the ideas what I would like to do with Vanta later, but I couldn’t focus on Vanta for long.

After a few moments, Maggie reached my crib and my penis got hard again. The bump on my towel grew and grew. This time, she looked at me and smiled. It felt so good how she massaged my crib. Even I felt shy. I tried to smile back to her, but I guess it was not looking very natural. She lifted the towel and looked. I froze. What would happen? She was poorly playing a little girl that was surprised to see a hard dick.

She played it willingly poor, so that it looked funny. After she released me and my penis of the towel, she started to massage directly the area around my penis. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed how the tension around my best piece started to relax. She asked me if she should massage this and pointed toward my penis. I agreed willingly. Also when she asked me for around 8 $US extra, I agreed.

She massaged my penis, my balls and even licked my balls and penis. I didn’t expect that. She blew me quickly and then jerked me off. It was wonderful. She cleaned me with my towel. I took a shower and paid her with a tip. After this massage, I felt great and even my thoughts about Vanta and her friends stopped. I just chilled at the bed and on the balcony, watching the ocean and the people doing watersport.

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