Why is it difficult for many Bar Girls to marry (1/2)

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Many women who worked as prostitute try to avoid to inform their partners about their past. They fear that he might not understand her and that the truth would harm their relationship. They might have worked as bar girl for years and suddenly they met somebody who was interested in a relationship. So they avoid telling the truth and try to play the harmless partner.

However deep inside them, their profession has changed who they are. However this is difficult for them to realise. Many people think prostitution turns women into bad beings and they might even think about themselves like that. They would need somebody to talk to and help them, but often they can’t trust anyone.

Even worse is that their past profession really changed them. For years they had sex with hundreds of men and suddenly they should stick to only one men forever. How should that work? Besides the sex they suddenly miss out on their income and their independence. Instead they are suddenly heavily dependent on one man.

As bar girl they were able to support their family. In Asian cultures this is partly more important then their husband as their families really depend on them. Suddenly her income is stopping and she can’t send money to her family. Her own family would like her to work again and they normally don’t care where the money is coming from. They didn’t care in the first place.

to be continued…

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