What kind of model was Vanta

“Please find her picture and video here”

I called the massage, but my thoughts about Vanta and what would happen this night didn’t stop. I could not control it. The massage girl came. She was young, short and had a nice Asian female body, so she was not fat at all, but also not slim. Vanta was slim for example. However, she had a taller body like a model – but what kind of model? A fashion model and I fuck you for the order model? Or I fuck everyone for 50$ twice model? Or, I suck William and do a good job, but fail sucking Fat Man model?

Uncontrollable questions went through my mind while I took a shower. The girl who told me her name was Maggy, prepared the bed. Once I returned, I noticed what this meant. She didn’t undress and get naked. No, she just placed a large towel on the bed. So I lied down on my belly, so she could massage my back. I still couldn’t stop thinking about this night. There were still many unanswered questions about Vanta, Fred, but also Pattaya itself. It seems there was so much I didn’t know. Something I always dreamed about, but never thought was reachable. Fucking a cool girl like Vanta -a beautiful, young, model-like looking girl. I had to pay for her as for all other girls, but it was still so much fun. Some people might think good, some might think bad about it. But it felt so great for me. It couldn’t get it out of my head. After approximately 30 min., my back massage was done, and Maggy asked me turn around. I did and lay on my back.

I opened my eyes and watched Maggy massaging me. She had a beautiful face and looked very innocent to me. She was wearing a blue top with long sleeves. It had a wide plunging décolletage, so I could see her bra a little bit. Her tits were nice. My eyes went down to her legs. Nice sexy legs which were only covered by a very short black jeans shorts. Why do all the girls wear jeans shorts? Yesterday, both Brownie and her friend where wearing them as well. Not that I had anything against it. They looked great. Maybe they were the fashion of the year?

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