Hotel Massage

“Please find her picture and video here”

I asked Fred to arrange another date with Vanta for this afternoon at my hotel. I specially asked to make some pictures with Vanta. I first hesitated to be so direct, but after the very open phone chat, I simply pushed myself. He was very easy on that. He would inform Vanta and the rest I would arrange with her, once she is at my hotel. I could feel the tension within me.

I was excited to plan what I am going to do with her today. First, I wanted to do some pictures, starting with clothes. Then let her take off one piece after the other. One by one, until she was only wearing her panties. I wanted make more pictures with her in underwear. But finally, she should take them off as well. I would like to make some pussy pictures of course – with changing poses. But actually, I had no experiences with that. But anyway, that should not matter. Vanta looks great, so the pictures would be nice anyway. But there were still so many questions that worried me. How far would she go? How much would she charge for the pictures? How much for the sex after the pictures? Would she stay overnight? Would I come so easy again, like the last time?

I was excited and ruttish. So I had the idea to ask for a massage in my room. The hotel I am staying at  does offer this service. I didn’t try it yet, but maybe there would be a happy ending? So I wouldn’t feel so horny anymore. Maybe then I could also last longer fucking Vanta? Or should I ask her to suck me? She sucked William and did a lousy job sucking me. I felt still frustrated about that.

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