She did everything to make him happy

“Please find her picture and video here”

First, she was just doing the normal poses. She was wearing a short jeans skirt with a sexy sleeveless, belly free top. She provoked him by opening her mouth in a sexy way. Then on one picture she put her tongue out. The guy became horny. An electricity started to spread around the shooting. The Japanese guy became wet in the eyes by looking at hot Vanta.

My penis was already hard and my trousers bulged. I wanted to shake my dick to the nice story of Fred. It was worth 5 US$ and I promised Fred to give him something in return for the whole story. He then explained that it didn’t end with the simple provocations. Vanta, he said, is really good in making men horny. He guessed that’s why the agency wanted to make these pictures with her. So, suddenly during the shoot, she lifted her skirt, so her underwear appeared. Of course, this had nothing to do with the fashion shoot.

The Japanese with the wet eyes also hesitated to make a picture at first, but Vanta looked in the air as if nothing happened. I also continued preparing other samples as if nothing had happened. So, the guy made the picture. That was the end. From there onwards, he didn’t have a chance. She changed poses, so that the Japanese guy made up-skirt pictures, not fashion pictures. Then she went on and lifted the underwear, so her pussy saw the light of day. I was so hot and I masturbated my dick like anything. These were exactly the pictures I wanted to make with Vanta, so I asked what the guy did.

Fred couldn’t understand my excitement. For him, this seemed to be normal, so he just said, “He made a picture of course”. He then explained how meaningless this is for him and asked why anyone would make a fuss out of it. After the photographer made the pussy picture, Vanta went to him and kissed him. The guy was totally frozen and just reacted on what she did.

He didn’t even mind that I was there or he didn’t realize it anymore. Even when Vanta went down and removed his trousers, he just stood there and let her do it. She sucked him and Fred watched them. Who cares about it? I did care. I loved this story. Once the guy came, everything just went on as before. After he released, he got normal again. Vanta went to the bath room for a second and then they continued doing Photos. Fred left them when the pictures where done and didn’t know what happened afterwards. But he is expecting to get the order confirmation soon.

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