Vanta and the Japanese Buyer

“Please find her picture and video here”

Vanta’s boss had a Japanese customer, to whom he wanted to sell teenager textiles. Normally, Vanta  lives in Bangkok, but she comes regularly to Pattaya as her mother lives here. So, the Japanese client had a look on some of the agencies products and decided for some of the products to see them on a live model.

So, Vanta should go back to Bangkok the other day and make pictures with the samples. But when the Japanese guy heard that it was possible to do the pictures in Pattaya, he preferred to do the pictures here. So the agency Vanta is working for, drove him to Pattaya and gave Fred the order to arrange the shooting. Fred arranged a nice hotel at the beach and went there with Vanta for the shooting.

Fred suddenly stopped with his story and ended by saying “and so we took the pictures.” That was strange, as it could not be the reason why Vanta was not with Fred at the evening we met. Even if the shooting went all night, Fred would be there as well. But I guessed that Fred needed to be motivated a little bit, so I pleaded with him to tell me more, as this could not be all. He replied, asking what more did I want to hear. It took me surprisingly long to get him to tell me the whole story.

Vanta did everything to make the guy horny at the shooting. That was not so easy. First, Fred and Vanta didn’t know the guy. So, they were not sure if he was gay. That is quiet common in the fashion business. I had to smile, because it was obvious that Fred was gay. So, everything was on Vanta to break the ice with the guy. Her boss had good negotiations with the guy, but the order was not placed. What does this have to do with Vanta, I asked myself? She can only pose with her body and show her cloth. How can she break the ice by shooting pictures?

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