Training Katy as a LBFM: Sharing Katy for Money

“Please find her picture and video here”

Katy was one of the first pussies I met in Pattaya. Similar than Vanta I met her through Freddy. Freddy had contacts to great models and conveyed them to people who wanted to buy sex from beautiful models.

Katy herself was beautiful and had a great sexy body. With regards to modeling she only had one disadvantage. She was to short. That’s why she didn’t got many bookings and married early. Her husband Steve is actually prity cool. He was O.K. with sharing his with with other men if they paid for her.

In this way he organized meetings where he allowed other men to watch him and his wife having sex and once he was done, Katy could serve the paying viewer. That was also how I met both of them. They made a sex show at my room and I loved watching them and to fuck Katy.

I immidiatly realized two things. First that Katy absoloutly enjoys the sex with me and I understood that she would enjoy sex other men too. She was obsessed serving me and making me happy, hoping that I would call them again for another meeting. For her these sex shows were increadible exciting and she enjoyed this excitment as it provided a contrast to her normally boring life.

The second thing I immidiatly realized was that Katy loved the money she earned with her sex work too. For her that was a lot of money and it was fun money. She couldn’t get enough of it. So I invited her again and also without Steve. Her husband was O.K. with that. He didn’t care. So I fucked her a couple of times and then also made a porn movie with her.

She was fine with that as she just wanted to make money. So I also introduced her to my friend William and let her make money with him too. Together we had a lot of fun. We did all kind of stuff with her like anal, threesome and many porn movies. Katy loved making double money with me and William and we loved the sex with her.

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