Lita and Brownie

Eager Thai whore gets bred with potent sperm by visiting tourist

During my talk with William, Fred was talking to his friends in Thai. He had earlier introduced the girls as Lita and Brownie. Both spoke only little English, but that didn’t matter. They looked great. Lita had a bright skin and brown hair and Brownie had a dark brown skin and black hair.

Both were Thai, but still looked different. That was great as it is more fun to try different types of girls. Lita was wearing a black jeans short and brownie a blue jeans short. They were very similar looking, only with different skin colors. The jeans short was very short, so their slim legs were free, which looked sexy.

I realised that William’s hand was on Lita’s leg. He gently slides it up and down and went between her legs. Lita was fine with that. She tried to talk with him. She had on a sleeveless purple top and looked very young.  I would guess 18 to 20. As William focused on Lita, I started to talk to Brownie. Her English was O.K. I asked her about her age and she replied that she was 26. I asked her how she knew Fred and if she was also a model, but she denied.

She had known Fred for years and had been modeling before. But then she got pregnant and stopped modelling. She was single now and had a daughter. Her body looked great, slim and sexy. Even though she was wearing clothes, I could spot three tattoos. She was wearing these very short jeans, so her legs were free as well. A black sleeveless top which also left a small part of her belly free. She had one tattoo at her navel, one above her left breast and one at her shoulder.

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