Our sex was too short

Loads of jizz spray the inner pink walls of a slutty Thai chick

Frustrated over the quick release, I laid down and watched some TV with her. After a while, I felt someone grabbling my dick and start to massage him. After I felt hard, I wanted to take her head to move to my penis, to get her sucking him. However, she didn’t want to suck my dick, which led to my next frustration. But then, she started to jerk my dick, which made me cool down instantly.

After a few moments, she automatically moved on and sat on my dick, squeezed him into her pussy and started fucking me. I could only last a few minutes. But still, it was a great fuck. Her body simply made me so excited that I had to come quickly. Her small pussy, which penetrated my penis hard, was for sure another reason. Even the next morning, when I fucked her again, it didn’t take long, but that was alright. I felt great. I had an exciting night, one new fuck partner and a gay friend who could organize more fuck partners.

Fred already knew that Vanta was too narrow for me

The next afternoon, I got a call from Fred. He asked me about last night and I was surprised that he asked me about Vanta’s narrow pussy. Initially, I just said that everything was fine, but he explicably asked if her pussy was too small for me. I explained that her pussy was great, but indeed pretty small. He was laughing and mentioned that my dick might be too big. I replied that this might be true, but that it was still a great night with her. Fred was laughing and explained that another friend of his gave a similar feedback. In a way, I was shocked that Vanta was fucked by another friend of Fred’s. However, it excited me as well. So I asked him what exactly happened. Fred was not shy to talk about it and explained that he and his friends like to go out after work. Since Vanta is in Pattaya, she joins them. So they met a guy from Australia named William.

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