Should Cuckolds marry Bar Girls

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Millions of men are developing cuckold phantasies. The trend of men becoming cuckolds is one of the fastest growing trends concerning  sexual relationships. Somehow this trend itself is surprising, however what is even more surprising is that most wives refuse to become a hot wife. While the men are normally convinced that they do their wife a favour, most wives get heavily confused by their husbands. This often leads to conflicts and even to divorces.

Not every man who gets married knows that he will be one day a cuckold, so he simply doesn’t choose a partner who would like to become a hot wife. However once he found out about his cuckold phantasies it is too late and frustration is taking over.

But if a man knows about his cuckold phantasies and is looking for a wife that is sexual active because he feels attracted to a hot wife, slut wife or even whore wife, wouldn’t it make sense to marry a bar girl? They are professionally selling sex and are very experienced.

One of the common arguments against marring a bar girl is that they will cheat easily on their husbands. However this could be a win-win situation for both of them. Of course you still would need to find the right partner, but you would not end up as the other desperate husbands.

Jar is looking for an Husband 

Take Jar as an example. She is a beautiful, positive and fun loving woman, who can light up your life. She is in her best age, attractive and sexual active. If you are a man who believes in values such as “that the woman’s body belongs to herself” or “Sharing is caring” then Jar could be the right woman for you.

If you need help in finding the right bar girl for you contact me at fatmaninasia (at)

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