She didn’t swallow, she spit it out again

I instructed her to keep her ass up in the air so the sperm would gravitate toward her egg, and I took a wine cork and slid it into her gaping birth canal. 

They went on for a while as he told me. She had to lie down on the bed, then he kneeled on the bed, so that her body was between his legs. He first tried to fuck her tits, but they were too small. So, she sucked him, while she was lying between his legs.

Once he really got horny, he started pushing his dick into her mouth, fucking it hard. He even bent over and fucked her mouth like he would fuck her pussy. “This time I could last long,” he said proudly. He also did 69 and explained how he eats her pussy, while she sucked him. Once he started licking her pussy, she got very hot and wet. He pushed one finger inside her, then the second and after a while, he thought more fingers would fit inside. But she was sucking him like crazy. As she was lying on him, he couldn’t stop her and so he came. “Did you use a condom?” I asked him. “No,” he replied, “I shot most of the load into her mouth, but she didn’t swallow. She rushed to her hand bag and spit it into a plastic bag. How weird is that?”

Why Vanta didn’t like to blow me?

I had to think about Williams’s story for a while. So he paid her for the night and tried to fuck her. But as she had a small pussy and he had a big dick, he was coming too soon. Maybe she didn’t become wet enough. William also said that he got several fingers inside her pussy after he licked her. Anyway, after he came too quickly, he asked Vanta to suck him all night. So, why didn’t she want to suck me? Didn’t she like me or my penis? Maybe because I am very fat and William is in better shape. But why did she stay till the morning, but left William after two hours? Maybe he paid less?

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