Fat Man in Asia – Part 1-4

Part 1-4

Part1: Fat Man in Asia: Coming in Pattaya
An overweight man has to flee from his homeland. He was deceived by his wife and his business partner. His destiny leads him to Pattaya, a sinful place in Thailand.
Fat Man in Asia – Coming in Pattaya is an erotic short story that describes Fat Man’s arrival in Pattaya. He is struggling with the memories of his past and suffers a hard depression. To gain back his strength, he is having sex with prostitutes. But will these sexual adventures cure his mind?

Part 2: Fat Man in Asia: How I met my slutty girlfriend
By coincidence Fat Man is meeting Vanta, a beautiful young Thai model. He is paying her for sex and his depression improves, while he is meeting the young freelancer.
Fat Man in Asia – How I met my slutty girlfriend is an erotic story that describes how Fat Man falls in love with Vanta. He meets William, another client of Vanta and together they exchange their sexual experiences about the Thai hooker. But will Fat Man realize his love?

Part 3: Fat Man in Asia: Hot Wife Katy
Vanta had to leave Pattaya and Fat Man is falling back in his valley of depressions. But Fred, a guy fashion designer, is connecting him to Katy. She is beautiful Thai woman that sells her body to Fat Man.
Fat Man in Asia – Hot Wife Katy is a an erotic short story that describes how Fat Man tries to compensate the loss of Vanta, with Katy. The married women has a dark side which attracts the fat guy.

Part 4: Fat Man in Asia: Pattaya Feast
After a failed suicide, Fat Man can enjoy his life again. He jumps into the erotic world of Pattaya and experiences many adventures.
Fat Man in Asia – Pattaya Feast describes Fat Man’s rebirth and how he finds new joy in his life. But will his old shows come back?


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