Beem is looking for a Husband (Cuckolds preferred)

Beem asked me to find a proper husband for her. She is a beautiful and almost a bit shy woman who generally likes it quiet. Having said this I have to add that sexually she is a very active woman. She is working as freelancer prostitute whenever she can and could gain a lot of experience during the last years. Yet she did not want to work as a bar girl as she thinks that could ruin her.

As of my experience women like Beem don’t change her sexual life style quickly. This means that she will stay an open minded and sex loving character in the near future. She has had boyfriends in the past, but she still was working as freelancer during her relationships.

That’s why I want to be clear here. Don’t expect her to switch to a one-man relation very soon. Beem would be the ideal partner for a cuckold man who doesn’t mind or even likes her to have sex with other men. In this way both could enjoy her sex life.

I have friends who married a woman like her and became very happy. However you have to give her the necessary freedom. One friend’s wife e.g. didn’t mind for years that his wife was regularly visiting the bars of 5 Star Hotels. He knew that she was waiting there for potential clients to bring her to their room. But he didn’t mind at all and even enjoyed hearing the stories the next morning. His wife liked it that way and she was happy to have a good income.

She would have been absolute desperate if she would have got an office job, which would be anyway very difficult due to her qualifications. Her qualification was being a freelancer and as strange it may sound, she had years of experiences to be a good one.

If you are an open minded man or even a cuckold who is interested in Beem, then please contact me at fatmaninasia (at)

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