No more Mr. Nice Guy – Why do you try to deny your nature?

“This Japanese dude oly picked the hottest pussies. Cat is one of them!”

I meet this guys everywhere in the world. Adult men who tell me that sex is not important. That men don’t have to fulfil their sexual phantasies and desires. Men who tell me that they don’t watch porn movies and even men who have bad feelings about themselves as they masturbate.

Is everybody nuts? Who do you think you are? Bulls get castrated to make them soft and harmless. It seems that modern society is castrating men without cutting off their balls. Look, this is all fine with me as it is everyone’s personal decision what to do with his life. But I want my balls to be full of energy. To enlighten me for the day and pump me up with sexual energy.

And here is the point: In order for my balls to produce this beautiful sexual energy, they need pussy. It was not me who created this system. Blame mother nature for that. It is what it is. I am who I am and this means I need a lot of pussy.

Don’t get me wrong, of course we should honour women and always treat them well. But it is not the case that they are another species. They are human as we are and they need sex as we do. So don’t hesitate to live your life.

I even meet men men in Pattaya who tell me how bad the prostitution in Thailand is. But when I look into their eyes I feel their sexual desire. They are dried out and need as desperately sex as the desert ends water.  I love to confront those men with my life style. Show them my porn movies, my girl friends and my wife.

Latest when they meet Vanta they are lost and there final mental berries are falling. The simple truth is they love sex too. They love to fuck my wife too. Vanta treats their balls well so they come alive again. And after they are done with her, they love to meet more women. Not because they want to talk to them. No, this shit is done by Mr. Nice Guy. They don’t want to talk or be nice. They want to fuck and once they were opened up they can openly talk about what they really want.

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