L.A. Whorewife sharemywife

“Fat Man: I highly recommend AsianSexDiary”

As a happy cuckold man I love to listen and watch other cuckold/whorewife couples. It exits me to watch them living out their sexual phantasies and wherever I can give advice I am glad to do so.

So I would like to introduce one of my favourite cuckold/whorewive couple to you. Their name is sharemywife and you can find them on twitter here: https://twitter.com/CUfuckmywife

I love scrolling down their Twitter Account and masturbate on the images they provide. His wife is a sexy Asian who is whoring around Los Angeles. She has a sexy body and can’t get enough dicks in her wholes. I like to see her making money with her clients and seeing him enjoying that too.

Here is an example of some tweets I like.

It is a great advantage for a whorewife that she can have sex with her boss. For sure he will appreciate it and support her career. Also I guess her high income is safe ;-). With this attitude she can also easily find work at another company. Additionally I experienced cases where a whorewife was additionally boosting the sales of here company by fucking with her clients.

But also for the career of her husbands it is an advantage to borrow your whorewife to your boss. He can always visit you for a business meeting and disappear for precious moments with your wife to your bedroom.

Another tweet I like from them is the responds to my article “Accepting other men’s sexual desires and profit from them”. You might have guessed it, the image that shows his naked wife with all the money on the bed is one of my favourite jerk off images. It is so sexy and shows everything a whorewife is about: Sex and money in an enjoyable way.

I am looking forward to many more tweets of them!

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