How I became a Grandma Fucker

“See Hazel’s face covered in cum”

Often I can’t sleep at night. I wake up around 3 am and know that it will take 1-2 hours to get tiered enough to sleep again. So what to do? I usually go to the Beach Road. Why? Because this is where the bitches are.

When I was walking toward the Beach Road the other night, I recognised already from the distance the silhouette of a hot chick. I walked towards her and was standing in front of a slim lady who I thought was in the middle of her 30s. I thanked god that I found such a cool chick so quickly and brought her back to my room.

There my night sport activities started. She blew me and then climbed on me to give me a good ride. I enjoyed watching her hot slim body moving up and down my dick. I changed to doggy style and fucked her. Recently this is my favourite routine sex with hookers. Maybe it sounds boring to others to always handle those ladies in the same frequency. However I regard it more like a spe treatment, where I follow the same rhythm.

My dick was rock hard and could stop penetrating her. We changed to missionary and then I let her ride my again in reversed  Asian Cowgirl position. She moaned and asked me to come, but I still could control the energy in my penis. She became very wet and I could smell her pussy juice. Then again I took her dog style. This time I stood next to the bed, while she kneed on the bed. I gave it to her until I came.

Anyhow sex was great and by coincident the lady saw my camera when she left my room. She asked me if I have filmed the sex and I thought that this was a stupid question, as the camera was wrapped, switched off and pointing away from my bed. So I thought that she might wanted to get filmed and asked her.

Then she replied that she can’t go public with sex movies as she doesn’t want to embarrass her family. She had already children and grand children. I was shocked. Did I just fucked a grandma? Oh yes, and my grandma fuck was quiet good. I would do it again with this chick. So I asked how old she was and she replied 40. Well in Thailand you can be grandma by 40.

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