Why my women give me gifts

“Brought to you by: Thai Girls Wild”

Since I am living in Asia I met many women who sell sex. I love those ladies, not only because I buy regularly sex from them. Also I love them because it is exciting to spend my time with them and support them in any way possible. I simply don’t regard it as bad if they fuck for money. I think they are providing a valuable service to men.

Hereby I never asked them for money, however still I experienced that those ladies want to give me something back. First they gave me one of their underwear as a personal gift to remember them. Those who I could support further and helped to increase their income or just helped to accept their life and see their job as something positive, were much more generous.

They knew from my wife that I am collecting gold and silver coins as my wife used to buy me those as a gift. So they joined her and also bought me coins that I could add to my collection. I absolutely love those coins and I have to say that they mean a lot to me. Not only were they earned hard by those ladies, but they also proof that they appreciate my support.

Of course no women has to give me anything back for my advices and that is why it feels so great when they still do. They appreciate my support and regard it as something really valuable. That is the same reason why men pay for sex in the first place. Because it is something very valuable to them.

Therefore I wanted to say thank you to all of you and hope that we can support each other in the future as well.

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