The Favourite Place for my Wife to pick up clients

“I love LBFMs like Lana. They come to your hotel room with a smile. Then you fuck them in any way you like. They leave you, but come back whenever you call them.”

Vanta loves discotheques. She always tries to bring her clients there or meet them at the dance floor.  Every week she spends 2-3 evenings at one of Pattaya discotheques. Often she got an appointment with of of our friends who want to bring her out, or with one of the sex tourists that live in our complex. Nowadays she is well connected and easily finds a man who invites her for a disco night. Sometimes however she is still going alone or with one of her girl friends.

A disco evening starts for her by spending a hell of time to get dressed. She then normal picks a very short and sexy dress. My wife then wears high heels, so her legs appear extra sexy. If she is not going together with a man it is easy for her to pick one up. Of course they go after the discotheque to his room and have sex. At the end they always have intercourse and some men don’t like to waste time and money at the disco.

It is much cheaper to just visit us in our apartment and fuck my wife there. However sex is not only intercourse. It is so much more and going out together is very exciting too. Some men only focus on intercourse to have sex and others also enjoy to have fun at the disqcothe, knowing that at the end they can release all their excitement with having intercourse. However sex if you only consider fucking is over in a few minutes. A hot disco night can last for hours.

Soloing out and having fun in one of the many discotheques in Pattaya is a great thing for man and women. As usual it is very easy to meet beautiful women in a disco. So you don’t have to worry that you end up at a sausage party where only men are and where it is hard to find a women to bring home. Everything can be arranged there for having a great night.

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