A bad hangover

I shot stream after stream of my hot sticky jizz into Joyce’s wet pussy. Then I corked her to ensure maximum chances of fertilization.

I think about the pictures of the last night and think that maybe it would help to masturbate on the pictures. Masturbation seems to be good against depression, so why shouldn’t it help against headache. I transfer the pictures from my camera to my laptop and start massaging my penis.

Slowly I do feel a little bit better. The headache is still there, but my hard penis gives me a warm feeling. Suddenly I noticed something strange on the pictures. The girl’s face looks strange. Her body is fine, but her face not. Something is wrong here. She looks too masculine. Yes, like a man. I get really shocked.

Was she a man? That can’t be as she had no penis. First, I thought that I didn’t know it as she just blew me. But then I thought about the pictures. I shot her pussy. I rush to the other pictures on my laptop. Quickly, I flip through the pictures until I get to the first pictures where she is naked. Nervously, I go through the pictures. No penis- there is no penis.

I zoom to her pussy and there is a pussy, but her face looks somehow like a man who tries to look like a woman. Could she be a lady boy? Then she would have to have a penis. Could it be that she was operated and had a penis once? Then a doctor came and removed the penis. But maybe that is wrong either. Maybe it was a girl that just looked masculine. I have no idea, but it feels strange – very strange.

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