I creampie a beautiful Indonesian escort and impregnate her on our first “date” and capture it all on my spycam!

The next day I felt bad, but at least not tired anymore. I didn’t expect anything for the day and just turned on my laptop to get some release, at least for some hours. Hours passed and before I realised it, it was night.

I watched porn the entire day and masturbated most of the time. I am sick and perverted. But at least I don’t feel like shit. I feel O.K. and something inside me pushes me to night life. I started drinking and ended up in a go-go bar pretty drunk. I paid the bar fine for a girl and together we went to my hotel. The girl was strong enough and helped me most of the way, so that I didn’t end up falling.

A quick blow job

At the hotel I remember the pictures and get pissed about myself. I forgot to ask the girl if I could make photographs of her. I tried it now, but it was too late. She somehow would accept it, but only for extra pay. But I don’t feel like paying more. We shower and I let her suck my dick. After a view seconds, I come already. Even the girl is shocked that it happened so quickly. But I have one more shot anyway. We wait till I get hard, but it takes some time. She gets nervous and finally suggests that I can make some pictures of her, instead of the second time sex. I agree and shoot some nude pictures of the lady and as I am pretty drunk I go to bed as soon as she leaves. The next morning, a very bad headache appears. I tried to stay in bed and cure it. But it is only slowly getting better.

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