Pattaya Beach Road

“Kwan is fucked with a red condom. I use the same brand”

The Pattaya Beach Road or Beach Promenade is a great place to pick up freelancer. Every woman  that needs money can simply stand there and sell sex. Every evening dozens of women stand there and wait to get picked up by a sex tourist. You can walk the road up and down and search it for a woman that you like. If your hotel or apartment is close by you can bring her there or you can visit one of the short time hotels close by.

Pattaya is a city that is very easy going by bringing sex mongers and prostitutes together. My wife Vanta also stands from time to time at the Beach Road. She likes to get dressed sexy and then watch how men steer at her while they pass by. Some of them hesitate because their wife stands next to them and some because they are too shy to ask.


Others however come and ask her about her price for short time sex or long time sex. If they like her price they bring her to their hotel. It is quick and dirty for both of them. My gets often told the secrets phantasies of a man and everything by standing at the Beach Road.

The Beach Promenade is also my favourite place to pick up freelancers. Every evening different women are standing there. So there is always enough fresh meat available. Even I live close by I still prefer to bring them in an hourly hotel first. I prefer to be safe and before I bring them to my studio apartment I want to test them first. If everything goes well the first time, I bring to my home where I also introduce them to my friends.

The Pattaya Beach Road is a beautiful place and great to meet women. Every city should have such a place.


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