Short and cute Thai teen with braces loves to fuck and has her teen pussy filled with cum

Once it got dark, I took a rest and then went out for dinner. But I couldn’t wait to go for my next hunt. This time I stopped at a night club next to my hotel. I just wanted to have a drink. As soon I got my beer, a nice and young Thai woman asked me to sit next to her.

She looked cool and was already very drunk. I had 2 beers and also paid her a lady drink. Once you pay the drink, you can play with her body. I already learned that the other nights. So I started already to touch her breasts, ass and later her legs and pussy. She didn’t mind at all and massaged my penis in my trousers. Everybody could watch, but most man had a girl too. They were busy with their own girl and so didn’t care about us. Only once I was fingering that girl, they started to look. I thought that it was enough and wanted to stop, but the girl was ready for more. Her name was Dong and she asked me to bring her to my room and I asked her if it is O.K. to make photos? Luckily she accepted immediately. I was very happy, as I thought it is very easy in that bar and maybe I could pick up the other girls the other night.

I filmed her in the bathroom

At my room, a funny situation happened. Dang wanted to use my bathroom. I wanted to start as early as possible to make pictures. So once she disappeared in my bathroom I went to the bed room part of my studio. I knew that there was a window between bedroom and bathroom, so it was possible to watch whatever was going on in the bath room. So I filmed Dong how she slipped off her underwear and sat down on the toilet to have a piss. Then she looked around and saw the window to the bed room, where I was standing filming her. A loud scream came out of the bathroom. I had to laugh, but she was really shocked. She stood up and got her pussy covered with her underwear. I stopped filming and showed her how to cover the large bathroom window with a curtain, so she could enjoy her piss.

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