I pointed my erected penis at her and asked her to kiss him

Thai girl gets fucked in many positions and then oiled down and fucked again until she’s creampied

I kept remembering that I planned to go as far as I could go today, so I started to take off my cloth as well, after I made a couple of pussy pictures. It seems to be O.K. for her. We didn’t talk before about more, but it seemed to be O.K. for her. I pointed my erected penis towards her and asked her to kiss him.

She followed and I continued making pictures. That was so cool to see her pretty face carefully licking my dick. I changed from pictures to movie and filmed her kissing and licking. I felt great, but somehow I got too excited about everything, so I couldn’t hold my load anymore. I came, even though I tried not to. But it was simply too much for me.

I was happy for the blow job pictures, but unhappy that I didn’t fucked her

So I returned home after I paid Waan. I felt like a hunter who was eager to consume his pray. I went home and looked at the pictures. They were great. I masturbated like the night before and the next day, I was happy and disappointed as well. I was happy for the blow job pictures, but disappointed not to have fucked her. She was so gorgeous and would have been a great fuck, but the chance was gone. I didn’t know if I will meet her again at the Beach Promenade. Many of the women I saw this night, I knew from the night before. But many also have been new. I also was looking for Malee, but couldn’t find her or her girlfriend. Maybe they were with another customer, or maybe they didn’t return this night. There seemed to be a frequent exchange. To make a long story short, I couldn’t find Waan or Malee the next night at the Beach Promenade. At least when I was there, neither of them was there.


To be continued in Fat Man in Asia – Coming in Pattay

The above story was taken out of the following book. Press on the link find out more!


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