Why my Wife Sucks my Friends

“Tik is picked up by sex tourists. They make movie fucking doggy style. Watch 1 minute here”

I get often asked why I don’t mind that my wife sucks and fucks my friends. The answer is easy: Why should I?

First all all my wife is  a bitch. I met her when she was working at freelancer and I paid her to fuck with me. So I know who she is and she know who I am.

Second I am old enough to know that every man has a sexual demand. Of course this includes my friends as well. So it is just logical that they want to have sex and as Vanta looks hot and sex, of course they want to fuck her. That is just natural. I fully understand that and as long they pay her, I think that is just fine.

For me sex is not more then a normal massage. It is an action between bodies. At a normal massage only the hands are used to treat the body, while by having sex all body parts are used. It involves, mouth, penis, vagina, anus and whatever else you like. So it is a more complete massage, however not more.

I don’t see sex as anything mystical or otherwise special. It just bodies that are interacting with each other. So why should my wife not do that? She likes it and gets paid for it. I think it just fine and my friends love her.

They are looking forward to visit me again as they know as soon they sit on my couch, Vanta is bitching on them. She will try to seduce them or is open for any dirty phantasy my friends will have.  She will happily provide them any kind of service they desire. Either right at the couch or in the sleeping room area of our studio apartment.

Some of my friends let me also buy sex from their wife. However most of my friends have ugly and out-of-shape wives that I don’t desire. SoI only monger with a few of them.

So stop worrying and have fun!


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