Tender Sex

“Asian Sex Party at Hotel Room”

Another guest just wanted my wife without going out with her. He just wanted to spend some quiet time with her in his room. She massaged him, they took a shower and then they had tender sex. The movie they made showed that they started with a short blow job and then they quickly continued with the missionary position.

He held the camera and filmed how he fucked Vanta who was laying in front of him spreading her legs. Both of them were quietly fucking and hardly made a sound. Vanta just received his soft pushes, closed her eyes and only she knows what she thought about.

He filmed her laying on the bed spreading her legs and how his penis slides in and out her pussy. Fucking her he moved the camera upwards her body so that first her tits appear on the scene and later her face.

The next scene was showing how my wife kneed in doggy style position on the bed. The camera filmed her from her right side. She looked very relaxed as if this kind of sex wouldn’t bother her very much and she would just do what her client asked her to fulfil his phantasies. She didn’t seemed to be sexually challenged at all by him and just would provide her body for his pleasure.

He seemed to be fascinated by the possibility to try out some of his ideas of making a porn movie with a hot woman. After Vanta kneed on her knees and hands, he just stood behind her and fucked her. The camera just showed my wife kneeing on the bed and him standing behind her and fucking her quietly. His face was not shown. He then picked up the camera and continued fucking my wife from behind only this time the camera filmed the scene from a different angle.

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