Bait – Every cell of my body wanted to fuck her again

This was her only shot to land a high-paying job with a western man, so she did what all these girls do – started serving my cock.

Then I pointed on my dick and made it clear that she should suck it. She hesitated. Not because of the blow job, but because of the condom. She wasn’t used to it. But anyway, she did it. It looked just great in the mirror. A fat guy sucked by a beautiful slim, little lady. The contrast was great and I felt so great watching it. I felt strong and knew that my dick will last longer this time.

So I moved to the bed and demanded missionary. I wanted to continue where we stopped before. But not as gently as last time. I just rammed my penis inside her pussy and fucked her. Every cell of my body liked it and I have many body cells. She still just closed her eyes and let anything happen, but this time, she had a hard loud breath. She was feeling me inside her pussy. Next, a ride would be nice. So I laid on the bed and showed her to lay on me. She was first riding me softly as I requested it with my hand.

It was great watching her fucking me

Then I wanted her to lay back and push her legs toward me. I wanted to see her pussy gliding up and down my penis. It was great watching her fucking me. When we were in doggy style position, I wanted to be in control again. I fucked her hard. She couldn’t prevent herself from getting loud. She was soughing like a little whore. Looking back to me as she was surprised about so much pleasure. Her hands reached out to massage my balls. A clear sign she was asking for my orgasm. She wanted it, but my dick was strong. I brought her to the wall, then fucked her while standing and again she massaged my balls. I fucked her from behind, while looking to the wall. It was crazy. My thoughts went out of control and I fucked her harder and harder. She was not in control and just had to take it. This was how I came. It was great. I went to bed and rested. She left happily with her money.

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