My Favourite TukTukPatrol Girls: Mai Y


May’s movie reminds me fully on William and me. You must know that William is extremely good in hooking up with girls. He is constantly chatting with them and he is really listening to what they have to say. So he is getting easily friends with them.

Those ladies who want to work at my bar, William  brings to me and often I record a porn movie with them. Just like the one Mai did. First I just film her with William and then I get active too. In a very similar way than the photographer in May’s porn movie started touching her, I touch William’s girlfriend. Then I pull down my trousers and often she takes him into her mouth automatically.

May herself is a hidden gem? She is absolutely beautiful and has a sexy body. Her porn movie is actually a threesome, because the camera man is joining in. He is fingering her pussy while she sucks the other guy. When she fucks she uses a condom. Even I like seeing porn without condoms, I think it more real with condom in case of a street pick up. Normally sex tourists are using condoms and they are right to do so.

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