First, I didn’t feel like having sex

After I was nice and hard, I fucked the little whore in multiple positions, finally dumping my baby-batter deep into the recesses of her plump pussy.

I didn’t feel like visiting a go-go bar at all, even if it was Pattaya. But anyway, I didn’t know why I was surviving day after day. I thought it was fishy to go to prostitutes. Everyone was doing it. I didn’t have sex for months before that night. Even before the divorce, my wife and I didn’t have sex. I was masturbating regularly. But after things went wrong, I didn’t have the mind for sex anymore. I lived pretty much without it, besides a porn movie from time to time, which I used to jerk off on.

I felt good watching their briefs

One night I was drunk, I went to my first go-go bar in Pattaya. The girls made me horny and they made me forget about my past for the first time. I was watching their small thong underwear moving in front of me and I felt warm and excited. One woman after the other danced in front of me. The go-go dancers are always on the dance floor, so that a guest can enjoy his drink in one place and still get to see all the go-go dancers of the pub. They all had small G-strings that covered their pussies. I watched these strings and felt good. For the first time in months or maybe years, I felt good. I couldn’t stop watching those ladies. Their naked legs, their breasts and their skinny bellies and their briefs, all swinging in front of my eyes, like a sail that is dancing in the wind.

I liked those girls at the Beach Promenade

I tried another go-go bar and the same happened. I felt warm and good.  No thought about the past – nothing. Only 40-50 women, who were dancing in front of me. Of course I was approached by some girls who wanted more. But I just wanted to watch them and feel good and free – free of pain. That night I bought a girl, but not at a go-go bar, it was on the Beach Promenade. I liked the ladies there. I passed by the other nights, but I didn’t felt horny then. But still I liked the style of the prostitutes there. They were freelancers. At the Beach Promenade, you could find all sorts of women – big, small, fat, slim, old and young. It depends who needs money and stands there to get picked up by a tourist to get fucked. This made me hard and horny. I found a young and beautiful girl named Bait.

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