Vanta had to bag him to fuck her

“Thin Asian Porn Adventures in South East Asia”

Another guest surprisingly pulled out a tiny vibrator from his luggage. Such kind of vibrating small egg like device that you use to stimulate the clit. With the tiny pink egg he penetrated Vanta’s vagina while she was kneeing on the bed. Her head was in the middle of the bed while her ass was at the corner. In this position the man could conveniently stand next to the bed and use the vibrator to stimulate her pussy.

It looked to me as if he was experienced in what he did and I assumed that he already had treated many women in the same way before. My wife was moaning on the bed. She was excited and the sound that came from her mouth was not extra loud nor sounded artificial. It sounded like a deeply experienced pleasure.

Her face was pressed onto the mattress of the bed and only her hairs could be seen. The camera shifted and showed her wet hole. Her vagina was blinking in a mixture of red, pink and brown and a few drops of her pussy juice were visible. The guy who was standing behind her asked if she was ready to fuck.

Vanta first just agreed by moving her head up and down. But the guy just said that she would have to ask him to fuck her. He tried to make her so desperate and horny that she would beg him to fuck her. My wife asked him to fuck her, then she begged him to fuck her and then she had to say that she was his dirty sex toy. Finally he fucked her by simply gliding his big penis inside her, while she still was kneeing on the bed. Her pussy was so wet that he could easily glide inside. Vanta moaned even louder and it was obvious that she enjoyed it.

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