It is so embarrassing – why am I here?

“Moo fucked by Japanese Dick”

I get irritated as next to the balcony, where I am sitting on, a huge commercial light started to come to life. Actually I didn’t notice it yet, it was just such a nice surprise.  I went on my balcony to have a whiskey soda and a cigar. However, now when the commercial is switched on, it keeps me fascinated. It is about 3 meters high and directly next to where I sit. The entire balcony is blinking in a pink and blue light. My soda bottle is blinking, the table where it’s on and I am blinking probably as well.

How embarrassing? Why here?

But it is even worse. When you visit Pattaya, you will find great luxurious hotels. I could have checked into one of them. The guy at the Bangkok airport showed me several objects. He showed me not only Pattaya, but places everywhere in Thailand and the surrounding countries. However, I picked up this place. When he showed me the hotels, I picked this one. He was smiling, when he saw I had chosen the one in the center of the Walking Street. I didn’t know that the walking street was the center of the evil in this city, but I felt it. The place I have picked felt exactly this way.

But why? It was not because of money. For sure not!

I looked down my balcony and see people walking down a small street. I am not at the main road of the walking street – but at a smaller side street. Bam, there is a strange sound coming from the blinking commercial. I didn’t know that this light made such a sound, but it reminds me on crickets. Even the last sunlight is still present, more and more advertisements similar to the one next to my balcony are switched on. Each is showing names of places and some a symbol of a place.  Oh my god, it is an ocean of neon lights and they all make their sound like the neon light next to me. There are so many go-go bars here – one next to the other. Aren’t’ crickets making these bizarre sounds to attract their partners? I am not sure, but if they do, the sound the crickets make and the sound of the neo light serve the same purpose.

Why am I here?

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