It had to end here

“Japanese Guy fucks Mon. Please click here for her picture and video here”

It had to end here. The world is big and beside my homeland, I could have chosen a hundred different countries. Maybe I could have found a million other places, but it had to be Pattaya.

Actually, I haven’t chosen this place. I would have bought any ticket just to go away and leave. I hoped leaving would stop my thoughts and my pain. The pain that appeared in my head one day and wouldn’t leave anymore. I bought a ticket and entered some airplane, but I didn’t have to come here. I had never been here before, but still it had to end here. End, is this the end? I don’t know.

Pattaya is definitely a place to end in. I don’t know it yet, but based on its reputation, it is the end. At least it is the end of morality and the end of civilization. You cannot go any lower. There must be a hundred thousand prostitutes. One night club was next to the other and people come here for one reason and one reason only- to fuck. Sex is holding this city together like glue. However, there must be more than that.

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