Vanta in her White Dress

“Big Fake Tits picked up in Asian getting wild”

At another evening my wife was wearing a white dress and the guy first took a lot of time filming her in this white dress. She had to position herself on the bed and knee on it in a doggy style position.

The guy then pushed her white dress up and then slowly pulled her black g-string down. Her  pussy appeared which she pressed right in the direction of the man and who then started to play with it. First with his hands and then with his lips. In contrast to the guy who fucked her while she was wearing her jeans, this guy was carrying the camera in his hand.

Before the guy fucked her he went on filming her in the white dress. She was standing in front of the bed and he fingered her. Then later he was eating her pussy while she sat on a chair and still was wearing the white dress.

Finally he fucked her on the bed. First in missionary position and second wile she was riding him. She got naked before he fucked her and somehow the fucking scene were not as hot as the scenes while she was wearing her white dress. Nevertheless also this movie was a popular one.

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