Why should you Marry a Bar Girl (Part2/2)

“I like to see Seina in 69 position and how the cum ends up on her breasts”

Of course if you expect her to fall in love with an older out-of-shape guy and then let anything go to only live for her husband then you will get disappointed. You like sex and she likes money, so don’t forget the foundation of your relationship. Don’t expect this to change fast and easy.

If you are a men who believes that sex is a holy act that should only be done among married people you will have a hard time in that relationship. But if you see sex as something that two bodies do to excite themselves and have fun, which is just normal and not dirty at all, then you might have found your dream partner. Have fun with your girlfriend or wife, have fun with the women and let your girlfriend or wife do the job she wants to do. Get to know each other and let your relationship develop.

No absolute no relationship has guarantees of the future. You just have to look at the huge number of divorces in Western countries to understand this. Every relationship has its struggles. But if it works out among both of you, you can have a very rewarding relationship. Your wife might not b the holy virgin with a high morality, but she might have one of the following advantages:

  • She doesn’t has headache when you want sex
  • You can have all kind of sex with her as she is already very experience
  • She is not hindering you to have sex with other women
  • She earns her own money
  • You don’t need to be jealous with her as you know she fucks other men. Better focus on your fun, then on controlling her.
  • She is happy in her job and if not she can change and be with you.
  • She will take care about her body and beauty as this is the base for her beauty. You will profit from this by having a beautiful wife.

Once she gets older she won’t make so easy money as prostitute, and might quit anyway. Many women like to stop this business when they pass 30 years. She might then take care your the family and has a more quiet life. However it is quiet common in Asia that the man can still have fun with other women as long he supports his family.

So there are quiet some advantages of such a relationship. Of course this might not be for everyone, but looking into the future I think marring a bar girl will become more normal as in the past.

If you are in a relationship with or if you have married a Bar Girl and have problems, then contact me. We will get them sorted out.


Fat Man

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