My Favourite TukTukPatrol Girls: Newcy

Newcy’s body is a piece of art. Whatch it fucking here!

There are women who are literally made for porn. Of course I appreciate any woman who does porn as I love it. But certein women were created for that. Newcy is such a woman. She is super hot and a sexy bitch. How do I know that? You can can read it from her tits. Yes I mean literally. On one tit is written “Sexy” and on the other “Bitch”.


Newcy was made for sex and developed her entire body with tattoos to serve men. How great is that? With 28 years she made her porn movie wih Trike Patrol. Only god knows how many men she served until then. But what I know is that it was time to capture her beauty in porn for us. So even more men can profit from her.

I love women who dedicate their early life to men’s pleasure. My wife Vanta is such a woman too. Those women are exciting and so much fun. And I don’t only mean sexually. Also personally they are busted with experiences and knowledge over life. You can have such a great relationship with them.

Newcy is a missionary girl. So you can watch her piece-of-art body and face while you fuck her. Her pussy is clean and shaved and adds to her beautiful body. However doggy style is also fine. Then you can adore her back that is fully covered with a beautiful tattoo.

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