Why should you Marry a Bar Girl (Part1/2)

“Do you want to know why Lyn was called Skinny Moaning Cockrider? Click here…”

There are so many BS articles out there that warn you to marry a Bar Girl that I have to say a few words about this topic. The general argument why you shouldn’t marry a Bar Girl is that “you can get the girl out of the bar, but you can’t get the bar out of the girl”. The meaning of this saying is that your Bar Girl will alway sell sex even after you married her.

First of all I would like to mention that it absolutely depends on the girl and certain aspects like how long and how intensive she worked as prostitute. Also it fully depends on you and how conservative you are. Look we are living in the 21st century and while sex was something very different 100 years ago it became so normal today.

Now days you don’t need to limit you anymore in having sex as it was seen as very nobel and important in the past. In the past your wife could be get pregnant by fucking another man. However today this risk is under control. So the mayor criteria for controlling the sex life of your wife is gone.

Of course it can be that both of you only want to have sex with each other and this is your fee will and O.K.. However how many of you really are that kind of people. I guess that only a few couples really life this romantic super life Hollywood is showing us.

Most of us want to suck and fuck. They want to live their dark side as well or like in case of many Bar Girls, they want to make easy money fast. It is too boring for them to stay all day in a convenient shop and work there for little money. They prefer to make money by making other men happy. Entertaining men sexually is always paid very well and this is how they get independent and often wealthy. In Thailand a good prostitute can earn a hell of money compared to normal worker.

Please read part 2 here.

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